Sat July 4 is an Air 💨 Day with Earth ⛰ Earth ⛰ Influences

Sat July 4 is an Air 💨 Day with Earth ⛰ Earth ⛰ Influences

Today’s lunar energies are that of — Accomplishment — Good for agriculture and anything having to do with the cultivation of the land, planting and sowing seeds, undertaking projects, building, etc. Excellent for all business and exchange, relating to other people and building permanent relationships. Wealth is favored and religious activities as well. It is a good day to making repairs to a church or religious building, ordinations, consecrations, and making petitions to authorities.

Along these energetic lines, it’s no wonder that “Plans to start mining the Moon as early as 2025 became more attractive this week after a US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) team found evidence that the Earth’s natural satellite may, underneath its surface, be richer in metals than previously thought. The proposed global legal framework for mining on the moon, called the Artemis Accords, would be the latest effort to attract allies to the National Space Agency’s (NASA) plan to place humans and space stations on the celestial body within the next decade. It also lines-up with several public and private initiatives to fulfill the goal of extracting resources from asteroids, the moon and even other planets.”

On this fierce lunar day with a hot temper that is even somewhat aggressive, bold and daring, it was reported that, “US Congress passed a bill explicitly allowing companies and citizens to mine, sell and own any space material. That piece of legislation included a very important clause, stating that it did not grant “sovereignty or sovereign or exclusive rights or jurisdiction over, or the ownership of, any celestial body.” —”

It’s a good thing they aren’t ready to mine on the Moon on a day like today, because journeying is not favored and this is a bad time for digging, plowing, excavating, and the like. Although, the Easterly direction would be the most favorable if they had to. If this lunar mining exploration mission was a new project, a lunar day like today would not be good since it is generally not favored for new projects and construction and I advise people to avoid cutting hair today as well if you can, as well as purchasing a dog.

Although it is a weekend holiday for most who honor historical independence and what it stood for: celebrations and festivals should be avoided today and not because the media and government are prohibiting it, but due to the type of 5-mewa day. Ponder on what accomplishment means to you on a day like today and it can provide you some real insight today. Look forward to the full moon at 12:44 AM EST

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