Thurs July 23, 2020 is a Fire 🔥 Water 💦 and Wind 💨 Day

Thurs July 23, 2020 is a Fire 🔥 Water 💦 and Wind 💨 Day

Disharmonious lunar energies reign on a Fire Day today with Water and Wind influences, causing what would otherwise be a powerful lunar day good for cutting hair and fingernails, anything to do with caring for the body, beauty and health to be primed for disagreements or schisms between friends.

Today’s story is about the animal of the day who is so intense and strong-willed, unbending and critical. It all started for the dragon on a day, like today that was good for undertaking projects and building things. It was favorable for building homes and construction, good for agriculture and anything having to do with the cultivation of the land, planting and sowing seeds, undertaking projects, building, etc.

The Dragon was so sick and tired of seeing his friends suffer from ignoring the evil in the world that was taking hold and causing suffering to their friends and family. After reading the almanac entry for the day, he made an offering to the local deities, the Earth Lords, nagas, and Dharma protectors to assist his friends with their suffering and help them along their journeys to wake up to this fact and do something about it.

This was the kind of medicine and healing he thought would be needed on a day like today. What he didn’t realize was that their family members were still in the crux of their own suffering as well and didn’t want their sons and daughters to realize what was being done to them.

“Oh that’s just a bunch of hocus pocus! You don’t believe in magic, do you?” said one of the dragon’s friend’s mothers. “The only way you’re going to make anything of yourself is to get a better, higher-paying job. That’s what I did…” said the obese mother, who was already almost wheelchair-ridden.

“There has to be something else going on here, I just got an inkling there is something more to this life than just working a 9 to 5 job…” said the dragon’s friend to the ailing mother, who looked like she was about ready to wail on him for questioning her beliefs. You could tell the dragon’s friend had been through this time and time again with her, possibly in previous lifetimes. That was the thing about karma, the habits, they never died with the person when life ended. It always carried into the next lifetime over and over until the cure came, which coincidentally, the Dragon was a student of a Bönku who could help assist with that. The Dragon had been trying to plant seeds in his friend to let him know about a way out of suffering that had been a proven method for centuries to which his friend shrugged mostly off.

The Dragon had been avoiding talking to his friend for a while since for some time in the past because of his friend’s obscured views and skittishness. “Just try to avoid anything to do with lakes, rivers, wells, and irrigation and water, in general today and do not attempt to cut down any trees today,” said the Dragon to the friend. They met up on a Mars energy day, like today to implement a plan to take action for his friend. The Dragon, a rough character inside and out, had little patience with his friend’s foolish mother and his own sheepish tendencies. The friend could see the Dragon’s nature was to speak gently but was curious if he had a negative agenda with his love for discovering other’s faults and wondered if he had evil in his heart. “But I love my mom, I would do anything for her, anything…” the friend said.

“I’d be careful what you invoke or wish for. Something could take you up on that sort of deal if you don’t know what you’re doing. Plus, if she loved you so much, why wouldn’t she allow you to follow through on your wishes? Why does she have to continue manipulating you with guilt and a false-sense of morality disguised as ‘love’? I just don’t understand that, it’s almost like she doesn’t want you to move on with your life in fear of losing you altogther. If what she did for you was altruistic and truly ‘loving’ then you would come back on your own accord at some point or keep in contact with her. What is she so scared of, that you might find your heart’s true calling, your purpose and face the fact she has her own shit to deal with?” asked the Dragon.

What was interesting was the Dragon had an interesting take on the friend’s mother. He actually did her general astrology because he knew her birthdate and knew she was a Fire Dragon. He himself was a Metal Dragon, so the mother’s Fire would attempt to consume his Metal, which coincidentally, he figured out was why the mother always wanted access to him over the years but was secretive about it. Her general nature was to speak harshly to her family members and to belittle them, hobble them to the point of toxic dependency, which was not really nice to do to someone, especially not to his friend.

“All I’m saying Is, what is the big issue with you discovering your life’s purpose, your true nature and exploring why you’re here? Haven’t you had enough of this merry-go-round dumpster fire train?” said the Dragon. This was where disagreement came into the picture, the day’s energy seeped in and created a schism between the friend and him. Perhaps his friend wasn’t willing to face the fact that his mother had been doing this to him for so long.

Stockholm syndrome was real prevalent in the minds of society and drilled deep down to the center in the depths of the wheel of life. Perhaps the Dragon’s friend was angry that he had been ignoring the effects his mother had on him, of feelings of trust or affection felt after so many years being held mentally and emotionally hostage by her. “If you don’t go to the store and grab flowers for grandma, I won’t be very happy with you,” the mother would say. “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy…” was her mantra for life.

Victims do that a lot for their captors. Catholicism and Christianity taught them to do that to/for their “loved” ones. What’s Ironic is that it is actually emotional blackmail and abuse at it’s core. The Dragon knew this in his heart after being through this same kind of abuse in his lifetime and knew deep down that his friend needed to see it for himself, or else he would never see it or understand at all. Maybe his friend hadn’t been kicked in the teeth enough yet. He always felt sad realizing that this was mostly the instance for all of whom he knew in his prior life but it kept him going. It was freeing to realize life’s lessons and to never forget them.

“Maybe it is time to let go, maybe the timing isn’t right for him,” thought the Dragon. He put his trust in the feeling that at some point, people either realize what’s being done to them, or they don’t. It wasn’t up to his own ego or identity to determine when the “right timing” was. The Dragon flew away and wished his friend well on his journey.

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Brenden Brown, CMT

Brenden Brown, CMT

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