Wed July 15, 2020 is an Air 💨 Day with Water 💦 Wind 💨 Influences

Wed July 15, 2020 is an Air 💨 Day with Water 💦 Wind 💨 Influences

Water had it’s moments of stillness, where it ran deep and as far down as possible. It wasn’t very far down in this Southern California stream. The water was soothing and ready to nourish all who came to drink at it’s juncture, ready to wash away impurities and provide nectar. It wasn’t until wind came around and scattered this calmness and made it mobile. The tide made by the moon’s force on Earth not so heavy that day, but the jet stream’s influence made the air howl that day.

“I’m fine exactly where I am, thank you. My natural fluidity will take me wherever I’m needed” said the Water Spirit. “I would have rather stayed here for when the next herd or flock of animals need me.” said the Water Spirit.

You see, the meeting of water and wind brings about disagreement and disharmony, “The water needs to be dispersed so that all can be nourished and cleansed, not just a select few. What about the soil to grow new plants, shrubs, trees who need water as well?” said the Wind Spirit.

“I can do that and I am well aware that is one of my purposes. I don’t need you telling me that, thank you…” said the Water Spirit.

“Good, well then you won’t mind if I continue to howl then. Try and stop me!” said the Wind Spirit.

The Water Spirit was seriously disappointed. They were both normally friendly toward each other and was puzzled why the Wind Spirit was getting all greedy today and feeding on disagreement which divided their friendship and created a schism.

“It must be the Wind Spirit’s boredom” said the Fire Spirit to the Water Spirit, “There was barely any action for the past few months and this was the first opportunity he could get and you were the easy target!” After the Wind Spirit brought most of the water from the stream that day, the Water Spirit was determined to get back and really cause a schism (which seemed to match the day’s energies) so he enlisted the help of the Fire Spirit to get back. His instincts knew that if he enlisted the help of his friend on a day like today, he’d be successful. The day, which was excellent for all business and exchange, relating to other people and building permanent relationships, it was also not good for any activity other than being aggressive and attacking enemies and obstacles. Today’s “bad” Moon Phase and nothing positive should be undertaken.

“It’s OK, the water will replenish and build back up again in no time” said the Water Spirit. The Fire Spirit was already on it, helping to start a conundrum that would divert the Wind Spirit’s attention from dispersing the water from the stream. You see, too much wind in a dry climate like Southern California can cause fires and give the Wind Spirit something else to play with. “No, it’s OK, really” said the Water Spirit, who knew the day like today’s 7-mewa day was bad for stealing, fire pujas, aggression, making war on enemies and starting a fight. The Water Spirit also knew it was a day to avoid the slaughter of animals, trading with meat, and, in particular, the cooking of red meat. “You’re such a pal!” the Water Spirit said to the Fire Spirit.

“It is good day for making offerings to local deities. I will make an offering to the Mountain Spirit and ask them to help me replenish my stream” proclaimed the Water Spirit. “It’s a gentleness type of lunar day and the mountain happens to be in a favorable direction, the North-West. This will take care of it, I’m sure. The locals are very friendly with me.” And as the Water Spirit made the offering, the next few days following, the stream was filled back up again, ready to replenish and nourish anything that came by for an oasis.

The moral of the story: is it really necessary to go directly at someone or something to “get back at them” or is it easier to just get exactly what it is that you need and circumvent disaster trying to get back something you’ve think you lost? Aren’t there more than one solution to a problem? As you go about the disharmonic forces at work astrologically today, I hope you can see that there are numerous ways to solve problems and that there are numerous people that can help you solve them. Let me help you find the best solution for you 😀

I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I do making them, contact me for your next reading or chart. You’ll be in good hands with Blue Tiger Wellness, where I am fierce about your well-being 🐅



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